on your engagement & upcoming wedding, or the recent birth of your new bundle of joy!
May you enjoy this time, cherish every moment and marvel at the love in your life.

The beauty of a Marriage Ceremony or a Naming Day Ceremony is that it is a public celebration & declaration of the love you feel and intend on sharing for the rest of your life.
In Marriage this means forsaking all others by committing to your soul mate for the rest of your life.
In celebrating the birth of a child – this means vowing to guide, protect and love this little human being for the rest of your life.

Both life events are magnificent and worthy of celebrating with your other loved family & friends!

Other life events are just as meaningful, symbolic and important to acknowledge, celebrate or process.
The death of a loved one is a traumatic and life changing moment in a family – but I pride myself of being that family’s advocate. Helping a family through their grief and saying goodbye to their loved one is a true passion of mine and a privilege that as a Celebrant I have been afforded.

…And this is where I come in – Nicole Penning Civil Celebrant

Since 2017 Proud member, co-founder and co-director of
The Geelong Celebrant Collective

GC_(1)Since 2016 Proud co-founder and administrator of
Geelong Celebrants for Marriage Equality
Since 2017 Proud member and advocate for Natural Death

Since 2016 Trainer at
The Celebrants Training College

Since 2017 Member of
The Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of Victoria

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