Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony as defined under Australian Law is the Marriage between two people, a union to the exclusion of all others – voluntarily entered into as a life-long commitment to one another.

The ceremony follows a generic format that includes legal requirements but more importantly, follows your wishes as after all, IT IS YOUR WEDDING! Nicole will proudly represent you and be your advocate on the day – to make sure your dream Wedding is everything YOU wished it would be.

You may wish to include readings, songs, poems, symbolic rituals like releasing doves or butterflies, performing a love lock ceremony, a sand ceremony, creating an anniversary time-capsule or lighting candles & of course your personalised vows.

Generally a ceremony goes for 30 minutes, but could be as brief as 5 minutes or as long as 55 minutes if you wish – it is totally up to you! Nicole loves to personalise every Wedding she composes with the couple’s input, including personal testaments from the couple and involving family & friends if possible….but if you prefer a short and sweet ceremony, she can make that happen for you too!

Every segment of your Wedding Ceremony has already been thought through by Nicole, so she makes it very easy for you to put it all together! Promise! Nicole will help you every step of the way to create with you your dream ceremony. A one of a kind service to celebrate your unique love and bond with one another.