“Natural Death Advocacy Network MEMBER”

I am very excited to continue my new career path as a Funeral Celebrant, alongside this brilliant organisation – NDAN – Natural Death Advocacy Network.

I was introduced to NDAN by my amazing mentor and Celebrant idol, Sally Cant
who is a proud advocate for natural death and dying and is strongly leading the movement for change in Victoria and Australia wide in educating families on
WHAT IS POSSIBLE when you or a loved one dies.

  • Did you know – you can hold your Funeral Service on your favourite beach that you grew up visiting as a child on school holidays with your Grandparents?
  • Did you know – you can have your Funeral conducted in your backyard where you spent hours tenderly caring your beautiful flowers and vegetable patch which was your pride and joy!
  • Did you know – you can have your body at home, in your front lounge room where you always enjoyed a cup of tea, whilst reading your favourite novels – where your loved ones can come and visit you over a period of days…..saying their goodbyes, sharing with you their last words and holding your hand to pay their respects before your body leaves this world.

The possibilities around death, dying and funerals is endless – but the sad part is – most families DON’T KNOW THIS!

I will be proudly sharing these ideas and having these conversations with my family, my friends, my clients – and anyone that is willing to listen!

If you have any questions, or would like to know more – please feel free to ask me, or visit www.ndan.com.au for more information.