I proudly support #marriageequality and want what is right for all humans – the right to get married, the right to choose if they want to get married, the right to publically acknowledge their love for someone and have that legally recognised under our Australian Marriage Act Laws.

LGBTI+ couples rights in all other areas of Australian Law are recognised as being equal, except under the Marriage Act. As a Celebrant, reciting the Monitum {Section 46 (1) of the Marriage Act} can be a very difficult and emotional legal requirement, but by law we are obligated to do at every Wedding Ceremony we conduct.

But this is not just an issue about Marriage – this is an issue about LIFE & DEATH.
Defacto LGBTI+ partners have no rights to their deceased partner when it comes to their body, their death and their funeral!

If you can’t support #marriageequality can you support #deathequality?????
Shouldn’t all loved ones be able to make funeral arrangements for their soul mate who has passed away? This is a huge reason why I support #marriageequality and one that not many people stop to think about. Because no one does, until it it too late.

I’m #votingyes and I have lots of other reasons why. I hope you can help support the #voteyes campaign and steer Australian’s future in the right direction, one where we can proudly tell our children and our grandchildren that we helped make this world a better place, for all humans.