“My new look for next season!”

Designed by Autumn Lane Paperie

Check out my new logo!!!


I was very lucky to stumble across, Bec, Lily and Barb at Autumn Lane Paperie in the United States and they came up with this pretty little number for me!

It has been over 8 years since my business had a face-lift….
so while Winter is here and every Wedding Supplier in town is working ON THEIR BUSINESS, rather than DOING their business, I thought it was time for a change!

This logo is definitely ME – gold and florals really are my thing.
I will miss my traditional black and white, but will pay tribute to my old logo every time I write a ceremony and put black font to white paper when I type!

A big thank you also to my amazing website team, Evolution Design Agency for helping me bring my new logo to life on my website! (And also taught me to do cool links like that – click on their business name!)

Designed by Evolution Design Agency
Designed by Evolution Design Agency

So here is to a new ME – a new LOGO and exciting times ahead at Nicole Penning Civil Celebrant!