“Winter is HERE!!!!”

Winter is no longer coming (thanks GOT) – it is HERE!

So to all the Brides and Grooms out there – now is your time to ACT!
(Gee, it sounds like I am selling you steak knives, but I am just passing on some words of wisdom I promise!)

It is this glorious time of year that all of us Wedding Suppliers get to sit back, relax, take a breath and STOP! Wedding Season is officially over until about September, so we don’t get long to catch up on free weekends, not having to put our make-up on or worrying if our P.A is charged or not!

But……….if you are a Bride or Groom – now is YOUR TIME to get busy!
Book in to see 2 or 3 Celebrants, go out and visit the 2 or 3 Wedding Venues you have been umming and ahhing over. You need to start researching, planning, meeting, deciding and LOCKING IN your Wedding Details – NOW!

Now is the perfect time as all of us Wedding Suppliers are FREE (not free as in our PRICE, but we have the free time to meet with you!)
In June alone this month I have seen 2-3 couples each week, because I can!
So start calling around, send those emails and make the time to meet with your florist, photographer, DJ/Band/Acoustic, venue, car hire, stylist, hair dresser, make-up artist, cake maker, dress maker……did I forget anyone? ……. CELEBRANT!

If you are getting married in Summer of 2018….it might actually already be too late – lots of the most popular Wedding Suppliers might very well already be BOOKED OUT for that time of year – so get in quick. If you are getting married in Spring or Summer of 2018 then now is your time to act! ACT NOW and we might even throw in a set of free steak knives!!! *we won’t, but I thought it would be funny to say that! 🙂

Please bare in mind, legally, you must complete the Notice of Intended Marriage and have it lodged with your Celebrant at least 1 month before your Wedding Date, for you to legally get Married, but no more than 18 months before hand – so please don’t forget!

So get on the phone, start sending out those emails – don’t get lost in the world of Facebook and Instagram or Pinterest (even though they all offer AMAZING Wedding Inspo!!!) Talk- ask around, ask those you trust, the suppliers you might already have booked in or those people who have recently got married – for who they recommend, or what their experience was like and you will soon work out who is right for you.

And finally, have fun – trust in the professionals – that is what you are paying them for. They are an investment in ensuring your Wedding Day is the best it can be, and what you have always dreamt of it being!

Remember – “may the love in your life, create a life to love.”

Love, Nicole.

Nicole on HER Wedding Day!