“Wedding Season = Cold+Flu Season”

To all my beautiful Brides and charming Grooms!

This is your Celebrant/Mother talking – please look after yourselves this Wedding Season.

Time and time again I see my poor couples working so hard leading up to their BIG DAY,
not just in the planning and organising – but in their normal working lives as well.
Be it their 9-5, their house renovation, their full-time studies, or baking a bun in the oven –
my couples are SO BUSY they can easily forget to put themselves first, BEFORE their Wedding Day, that they run themselves sick and are not in a good place health wise, leading up to W Day!

It’s hard enough with the nerves, balancing the budget, making sure the dress zips up – to add a cold, a flu, tonsillitis, or a migraine to the list – that is no one’s idea of fun leading up to their Wedding Day.

So try to have faith in your suppliers – the professionals you have PAID TO DO THEIR JOB, and know that all your hard work over the last 18, 12, 6 months will pay off and you can rest and take peace in knowing WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING – all you have to be is:


Rest up, eat well, stay healthy, drink lots of water, take vitamin C tablets, sleep …. or consult your Doctor not your Celebrant on actual Medical advice – but please look after YOURSELF.

Your Wedding Day will be the best day of your life, with the love of your life – you don’t want to be under-the-weather on your Wedding Day, when all you no doubt will be worried about, is what the weather is actually doing itself that day. (One other thing I urge you not to worry about! But that’s clearly a totally other blog post for another day!)

Image by Tania Fernandes PhotographyI wish all Brides and Grooms, mine and others –
a beautiful, love filled Wedding Season.

And remember – “may the love in your life, create a life to love.”
Love Nicole. xxx
Image by Tania Fernandes Photography