12th September 2015

“We loved our Ceremony.
We were so happy to be celebrating our love with all our friends and family around us.
Your experience and love for what you do really showed on the day and helped us have the most perfect ceremony without any hiccups.
We wanted to thank you so much for agreeing to be our Celebrant on our special day.
Your thoughtfulness, professionalism and beautiful manner helped to make our Ceremony all we could have asked for.
We had so many wonderful comments from our guests, it truly was the most perfect day for us.
A lot of the guests commented how beautiful and personalised the Ceremony was to us.
Also, the Ceremony was perfectly timed, not too long and not too quick.”
Clyde Park Vineyard


K&E 12.09.15 Clyde Park Vineyard 8
Image by Lauren Alyce
K&E 12.09.15 Clyde Park Vineyard 12
Image by Lauren Alyce

6th August 2015

“Nicole created a Ceremony that was perfect for us.
It was a relaxed, joyful and touching celebration.
Talking to Nicole and hearing her ideas and the options, we developed a beautiful, intimate Ceremony that reflected our values and all that’s important to us.
She made it easy by providing great examples of wording that we could then personalise.
The Ceremony included the Bride, Groom and just 10 guests (immediate family),
it was a chance to thank our families for decades of love and support,
also remembering loved-ones no longer with us.
Everyone was united in their joy for us and this was reflected in some special touches given to the Ceremony.
In committing to each other, we shared with guests the story of our love and our dreams for the future.
Nicole’s gentle yet confident manner is perfect for a Celebrant.
She made our guests feel comfortable and looking back, she was more than a Celebrant,
she was a special guest at our Wedding who ensured calm, made everything run like clockwork and expressed genuine happiness for us.
The ceremony and luncheon Reception that followed gave us memories we’ll forever cherish. Thank you so much Nicole!”
Customs House Geelong

13th June 2015

“Nicole was absolutely amazing!!
She gave a very personal feel to our ceremony.
A few people commented on how well you spoke and the lovely tone of your voice and then the very personal touch you gave to our Ceremony.
All of the material you supplied us was easy to read through and fill out and you provided a very large selection of Readings and Vow options as well as offering to help us write our own.
We feel so grateful to have been able to have Nicole be a huge part of our day.
I would highly recommend her for your special day;
she really makes you feel like a friend rather than a customer.”
Truffleduck at Balmoral Receptions

Image by Annie Clapham
Image by Annie Clapham

31st May 2015

“It was one of the most memorable and significant days in either of our lives.
It was executed in a way that was true to our personalities and included every aspect that was regarded as important to us.
It was emotional, magical and personal – IT WAS PERFECT!
Exactly how we would have done it even if it were done under more happier circumstances and we had more time to plan it.
We had many comments about how personally committed to our Ceremony you were and how that made it even more meaningful.
The part that touched on same-sex Marriage was also well received –
especially by family that it is more personally related to –
this is something we never would have thought of to consider.
Everyone loved you xxxx
Under difficult circumstances you created a meaningful, special Ceremony for us that will last in our families and our memories forever.
With exceptionally short notice, you guided us through the whole process bit by bit and then finally executed a beautifully written Ceremony as if you had prepared it over many months.
We are privileged to call you our friend as well as our Celebrant,
and the way our relationship with you shone through your execution of our Ceremony added to the intense emotion felt on the day and the personal touch we wanted in our service.
You are an amazing woman, friend and Celebrant and we are lucky to have been able to have you as the person that united us officially as one.
Thank you for everything Nicole xx
Private Residence

17th May 2015

“I just wanted to thank you again so much for marrying us on Sunday 17th May 2015.
It was probably the most fun day of our life!
It was AMAZING!!!
I can’t imagine it being any better.
It was so special and emotional and loving.
Our parents and family commented on how special the Ceremony was,
and that your heartfelt emotion was evident during.
We were so nervous to begin with, and you were a huge help in calming our nerves,
and creating a Ceremony for us that we will never forget.
Your heartfelt emotion during our Ceremony was so appreciated by us both,
and also our parents and family.
They all told me how lovely you were, and loved how special and personal our ceremony was.
I think we had our grandparents, doing some magic on the day for us in regards to the weather.
I couldn’t imagine it being any better than it was!”
Barwon Edge Boathouse

Image by Sara Taylor Photography
Image by Sara Taylor Photography

16th May 2015

“I honestly cannot thank you enough for helping to make our special day so perfect.
The entire process was stress free and easy.
We felt comfortable and ourselves the entire time, especially on the day!
All the guests asked how long we had known you, they thought you delivered the ceremony with respect and honesty just like a lifelong friend would.
We would not change a thing if we had that day again.
Fairhaven Surf Life Saving Club

Image by Cassie
Image by Cassie

9th May 2015

Out of everyone that was involved in our Wedding
(and at the end of the day that is quite a few people)
Nicole was the most helpful and the most valuable.
When you say the word “Wedding” to anyone it usually follows with a crazy quote for price but we said to each other all along that Nicole had been the cheapest thing we had to pay for and she had such a huge part in our Wedding and really made us feel like everything was under control and that we didn’t have to worry about anything.
She also gave us lots of tips which helped so much.
We didn’t quote any other Celebrants because we knew when we first met Nicole that she would be great but we have heard quotes from friends and they are usually a little higher but not a lot.
The Groom’s parents were particularly impressed with how well you organized our guests.
Quite a few people commented on how well spoken and professional you were whilst keeping everything friendly and warm.
Nicole took all of the stress out of our ceremony she had everything planned perfectly and gently prompted us where needed so we were never left on our own or wondering what to do and in a time that is probably one of the most nerve racking of your life this is invaluable.
By the time we were ready to walk down the aisle Nicole had all of our guests seated and quiet, which took a huge amount of stress off our parents so that they were just left to enjoy the Ceremony.
Nicole’s style of reading is cool and calm and not dry and dull like you hear at so many ceremonies.
Nicole also helped us out a lot in the beginning stages of planning our Wedding by giving us lots of advice, tips and recommendations. When you are planning a Wedding outside of your home town like we were this was especially helpful when you don’t know what companies are around.
Nicole was fresh, professional and in control the whole time and we cannot thank her enough.
The Pier

18th April 2015

“Nicole, we cannot thank you enough for everything that you did for us –
from initial contact (and us taking forever to be able to actually meet you) to our Wedding Day you were brilliant.
Answering all our questions and putting us at ease with everything was above and beyond all our expectations.
What you wrote for our son Jacob giving us away to each other was a very moving experience, for not just us,
but our guests’ as well, and you for that matter.
We would not change anything for the world.
Thank you again.”
Geelong Botanic Gardens

Image by a family friend
Image by a family friend

11th April 2015

We saw you at a friend’s Wedding and they told us that you were fantastic.
They were spot on!
Thank you for the time and care you committed to helping us put together the perfect Wedding ceremony
for who we are as a couple.
You showed us all of the options and then helped us tailor the day to suit us and what we believe
about love and Marriage.
At the rehearsal and on the day you put all of our nerves at ease by being so calm and on the ball.
Knowing we were in your incredibly capable hands made it so easy for us to focus on each other and the commitment we were making.
It truly is the most important part of the day and we couldn’t have done it without you!
We can’t thank you enough!!”
Clyde Park Vineyard, Bannockburn

28th February 2015

“Nicole thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony so amazing!
You provided us with everything we needed to create our perfect ceremony
from readings, vows, music and so many great personalized ideas.
You made us both feel so relaxed on our special day,
when I arrived at the same time as quite a heavy sun shower
you ran to my aid and calmed me immediately.
I am truly so grateful we found you and
had so many compliments from guests about how
beautiful, personal, welcoming and natural you were before,
during and after the ceremony.
Thank you for taking so much time and effort to ensure
our ceremony was so beautiful and relaxed just as we asked for.
Nicole you made so much effort to make everything perfect.
My Aunty said you were the best Celebrant she has seen,
she was very impressed with the entire Ceremony,
your professionalism, enthusiasm and beautiful natural nature.
My Mum said she loved the way you wanted to make the music perfect for the day,
by practicing what would work best at the rehearsal,
also your beautiful smile and so inclusive of everyone on the day.”
Barwon Heads Beach, Barwon Heads

Image by Sara Taylor Photography
Image by Sara Taylor Photography
M&A 28.02.15 Barwon Heads Beach
Image by Sara Taylor Photography