21st November 2015

“Nicole, thanks so much for all your support and help in the lead up to and on our special day.
Your professionalism and calming nature made our day
stress free and everything we had wished for.
We had a few comments from people that said you were very professional and could see that you had an interest in our wedding and weren’t just there to read what was required.
Hopefully we see you at many more occasions in the future. xx”
Ozone Jetty, Barwon Heads

Image by Sefani Driscoll
Image by Stefani Driscoll
Image by Stefani Driscoll

13th November 2015

“We would describe our Wedding Ceremony as a very personal and intimate one.
Not the traditional Church Wedding but a relaxed Ceremony focusing more on us as a couple and those special to us.
It really did describe us perfectly as a couple and individually as well.
Overall our Ceremony was spot on,
Honestly Nicole you were amazing!
You covered everything!

I loved that you wore the angel pin for my late father that meant a lot to me.
It was such a special idea, thank you.
We had many guests asking where we had found you and also some who thought that you were our good friend.
Your truly beautiful nature came across in Ceremony on a very sincere, personal level,
it was fantastic.
Nicole, you were the only Celebrant who we contacted
and knew at our first meeting we wanted YOU.
We would have definitely paid you more for the amazing Ceremony you did for us!
I would put your price up 😉
A few years back now we were at a good friends wedding and Nicole was their Celebrant.
I knew right away that one day when we decided to get married she would most definitely be ours.
Nicole is a down to earth, kind & bubbly lady and this shines through in her Ceremonies. Honestly, words cannot describe how much we appreciated her warm, caring approach.
She took an interest in us as a couple and helped us write the Ceremony with examples.
The Ceremony truly reflected our thoughts and feelings.
We loved the way she performed the ceremony with confidence and style yet bringing a very personal aspect in also.
My Father had passed away a few years back so this was going to be a very hard day for me. Nicole wore a lovely angel pin in memory of him, which was such a beautiful idea.
She showed compassion & spoke of him at the beginning of the ceremony that meant the world to me.
After the Wedding, many guests asked us how we knew Nicole previously as they could see we had built such a lovely bond with her.
This occurred throughout the planning & we are truly blessed to have gained such a lovely friend.
Thank you Nicole for everything you have done for us.
Our day would not have been the same without you.
We will be recommending you to everyone.”
Clyde Park Vineyard

S&S 13.11.15 Clyde Park Vineyard 2
Image by Lauren Alyce Photography
S&S 13.11.15 Clyde Park
Image by Lauren Alyce Photography

7th November 2015

“Nicole was a wonderful asset to our planning and preparation of our big day.
In the lead up to our Wedding she gave us the footprint needed for a successful Ceremony,
and gave us ongoing support and advice which was most welcome.
From only a few very brief dot points,
Nicole was able to write up a ceremony that exceeded all our expectations!
Our Ceremony was relaxed, fun and highly emotional,
and set the tone for a successful Reception.
It will be a moment we will always look back on with fond memories.
Many of our guests have commented how relaxed and emotionally invested Nicole appeared to be during our Ceremony, and we couldn’t agree more.
With all honesty, this was the best money we have ever spent.
We could rave about Nicole and the work she does for hours to anyone who would listen,
and we couldn’t recommend her more!
Thanks Nicole for making our day so wonderful, and best of luck for your future Ceremonies.”
Peppers The Sands Resort, Torquay

A&M 07.11.15 Peppers The Sands Torquay 2
Image by Smitten Wedding Photography
A&M 07.11.15 Peppers The Sands Torquay
Image by Smitten Wedding Photography

24th October 2015

“Our Wedding Ceremony was a VIBRANT one!
We wanted our guests to feel excited and lots of positive energy.
We had loud, hidden speakers which played some of our favorite music and the scene was designed beautifully by our stylist Nomad Styling.
Nicole was very thorough with her preparation, punctuality and this was one of the reasons our special day was as magical as it was!
Our guests said things to us like…
“This has been the best Wedding we have ever been to”
“Can we please do your Wedding over again”,
“Your Celebrant was beautiful and relaxed and she had an awesome voice”.
We shopped around a fair bit before we settled on Nicole to marry us.
She had a real warmth to her and we instantly had the feeling that she would be the right person to conduct our Wedding Ceremony.
Nicole was extremely professional, personable and helpful in the process leading up to our big day and there was very flexible with her approach to our Ceremony.
We wanted something fun and different with not a whole lot of talking and she made the planning and the process an easy one.
Nicole was very calm and articulate on our special day and we were so happy with the service she provided to us.
A million thank you’s to you Nicole!”
Mt Duneed Estate

Image by Hails and Shine
Image by Hails and Shine

23rd October 2015

“From the first time we met Nicole,
she was very friendly and made the whole process a comfortable one.
Not knowing just how much there is to be done when getting Married,
Nicole looked after everything for us and made it enjoyable and fun along the way.
We couldn’t have asked for anything more from Nicole and our special day was absolutely perfect.
We highly recommended Nicole to anyone looking for a loving, caring and friendly Wedding Celebrant.”
Mount Duneed Estate

Image by The White Tree
Image by The White Tree

10th October 2015

“Nicole, you are amazing!
Not only a professional and organised Celebrant, full of Wedding Day advice and helpful planning tips, but also a wonderful and supportive person that definitely kept this crazy Bride calm on the big day!
We are both so glad you were our Celebrant for our Wedding Day,
you did such an amazing job that summed up us as a couple perfectly.
We loved our day and we are so grateful for the very important part you played!
Our Ceremony was fun, light-hearted and exactly what we wanted for our day.
It was the perfect length and really summed us up as a couple.
We loved that we could include all the special people in our lives in some way.
Our guests all thought it was very personalised and loved that we lit the candle for my Father.
They also thought you were dressed lovely –
and I really appreciate how amazing you presented yourself too! Such style lady 😉
Thanks lovely lady xx”
Truffleduck at Balmoral Receptions

Image by Stefani Driscoll
Image by Stefani Driscoll

12th September 2015

“We loved our Ceremony.
We were so happy to be celebrating our love with all our friends and family around us.
Your experience and love for what you do really showed on the day and helped us have the most perfect ceremony without any hiccups.
We wanted to thank you so much for agreeing to be our Celebrant on our special day.
Your thoughtfulness, professionalism and beautiful manner helped to make our Ceremony all we could have asked for.
We had so many wonderful comments from our guests, it truly was the most perfect day for us.
A lot of the guests commented how beautiful and personalised the Ceremony was to us.
Also, the Ceremony was perfectly timed, not too long and not too quick.”
Clyde Park Vineyard


K&E 12.09.15 Clyde Park Vineyard 8
Image by Lauren Alyce
K&E 12.09.15 Clyde Park Vineyard 12
Image by Lauren Alyce

6th August 2015

“Nicole created a Ceremony that was perfect for us.
It was a relaxed, joyful and touching celebration.
Talking to Nicole and hearing her ideas and the options, we developed a beautiful, intimate Ceremony that reflected our values and all that’s important to us.
She made it easy by providing great examples of wording that we could then personalise.
The Ceremony included the Bride, Groom and just 10 guests (immediate family),
it was a chance to thank our families for decades of love and support,
also remembering loved-ones no longer with us.
Everyone was united in their joy for us and this was reflected in some special touches given to the Ceremony.
In committing to each other, we shared with guests the story of our love and our dreams for the future.
Nicole’s gentle yet confident manner is perfect for a Celebrant.
She made our guests feel comfortable and looking back, she was more than a Celebrant,
she was a special guest at our Wedding who ensured calm, made everything run like clockwork and expressed genuine happiness for us.
The ceremony and luncheon Reception that followed gave us memories we’ll forever cherish. Thank you so much Nicole!”
Customs House Geelong

13th June 2015

“Nicole was absolutely amazing!!
She gave a very personal feel to our ceremony.
A few people commented on how well you spoke and the lovely tone of your voice and then the very personal touch you gave to our Ceremony.
All of the material you supplied us was easy to read through and fill out and you provided a very large selection of Readings and Vow options as well as offering to help us write our own.
We feel so grateful to have been able to have Nicole be a huge part of our day.
I would highly recommend her for your special day;
she really makes you feel like a friend rather than a customer.”
Truffleduck at Balmoral Receptions

Image by Annie Clapham
Image by Annie Clapham

31st May 2015

“It was one of the most memorable and significant days in either of our lives.
It was executed in a way that was true to our personalities and included every aspect that was regarded as important to us.
It was emotional, magical and personal – IT WAS PERFECT!
Exactly how we would have done it even if it were done under more happier circumstances and we had more time to plan it.
We had many comments about how personally committed to our Ceremony you were and how that made it even more meaningful.
The part that touched on same-sex Marriage was also well received –
especially by family that it is more personally related to –
this is something we never would have thought of to consider.
Everyone loved you xxxx
Under difficult circumstances you created a meaningful, special Ceremony for us that will last in our families and our memories forever.
With exceptionally short notice, you guided us through the whole process bit by bit and then finally executed a beautifully written Ceremony as if you had prepared it over many months.
We are privileged to call you our friend as well as our Celebrant,
and the way our relationship with you shone through your execution of our Ceremony added to the intense emotion felt on the day and the personal touch we wanted in our service.
You are an amazing woman, friend and Celebrant and we are lucky to have been able to have you as the person that united us officially as one.
Thank you for everything Nicole xx
Private Residence