9th September 2014

“There really is only 1 word to describe our wedding ceremony…PERFECT!
You gave us many examples to help us put together our perfect ceremony and were always available to offer suggestions or make any last minute changes.
Your professionalism and heart felt delivery of our ceremony was second to none.
We might be slightly bias but can honestly say,
you have been the best Wedding Celebrant for any wedding we have ever been to.
You have always been more than helpful with anything, especially since we live interstate.
Aside from the compliments our family and friends gave you on the day,
I am still receiving feedback from our other guests!
They all thought you were amazing.
Especially from the guests of the 3 Weddings we have been to this year,
where their Celebrants, all made numerous mistakes including calling the Bride and Groom by the wrong names!
From my initial email enquiry right up to the moment you announced us as Husband & Wife,
you have been one of the most amazing people to deal with for our Wedding.
I thought the process of planning a Wedding would be that of fun and excitement but for us,
it quickly became that of stress and tears and dealing with several unprofessional suppliers.
Planning a Wedding interstate is not easy.
But from the moment we jumped on a plane and flew to Victoria to meet you,
we knew you had to be part of our day.
I’ve grown up around Weddings, with my Mum also being a Marriage Celebrant,
so I knew what I was looking for and had certain expectations.
You surpassed all of those.
My Mum still talks about how amazing you were!
We wanted our ceremony to be personal. To be about us. You encouraged that from day 1.
We wanted our ceremony to be funny but still heart felt
so we chose to write our vows in secrecy.
I honestly don’t know how you managed not to laugh as you read out our vows.
38 people in hysterics and yet you maintained a straight face the whole time.
I don’t know how, but you did it.
And you delivered our ceremony as if you had known us all our lives.
You felt as much a part of our family that day as everyone else there.
We honestly can’t recommend you enough and we are even considering flying you up to Sydney for our future children’s naming ceremonies,
just so we can work with you again!
Campbell Point House, Leopold