9th May 2015

Out of everyone that was involved in our Wedding
(and at the end of the day that is quite a few people)
Nicole was the most helpful and the most valuable.
When you say the word “Wedding” to anyone it usually follows with a crazy quote for price but we said to each other all along that Nicole had been the cheapest thing we had to pay for and she had such a huge part in our Wedding and really made us feel like everything was under control and that we didn’t have to worry about anything.
She also gave us lots of tips which helped so much.
We didn’t quote any other Celebrants because we knew when we first met Nicole that she would be great but we have heard quotes from friends and they are usually a little higher but not a lot.
The Groom’s parents were particularly impressed with how well you organized our guests.
Quite a few people commented on how well spoken and professional you were whilst keeping everything friendly and warm.
Nicole took all of the stress out of our ceremony she had everything planned perfectly and gently prompted us where needed so we were never left on our own or wondering what to do and in a time that is probably one of the most nerve racking of your life this is invaluable.
By the time we were ready to walk down the aisle Nicole had all of our guests seated and quiet, which took a huge amount of stress off our parents so that they were just left to enjoy the Ceremony.
Nicole’s style of reading is cool and calm and not dry and dull like you hear at so many ceremonies.
Nicole also helped us out a lot in the beginning stages of planning our Wedding by giving us lots of advice, tips and recommendations. When you are planning a Wedding outside of your home town like we were this was especially helpful when you don’t know what companies are around.
Nicole was fresh, professional and in control the whole time and we cannot thank her enough.
The Pier