31st May 2015

“It was one of the most memorable and significant days in either of our lives.
It was executed in a way that was true to our personalities and included every aspect that was regarded as important to us.
It was emotional, magical and personal – IT WAS PERFECT!
Exactly how we would have done it even if it were done under more happier circumstances and we had more time to plan it.
We had many comments about how personally committed to our Ceremony you were and how that made it even more meaningful.
The part that touched on same-sex Marriage was also well received –
especially by family that it is more personally related to –
this is something we never would have thought of to consider.
Everyone loved you xxxx
Under difficult circumstances you created a meaningful, special Ceremony for us that will last in our families and our memories forever.
With exceptionally short notice, you guided us through the whole process bit by bit and then finally executed a beautifully written Ceremony as if you had prepared it over many months.
We are privileged to call you our friend as well as our Celebrant,
and the way our relationship with you shone through your execution of our Ceremony added to the intense emotion felt on the day and the personal touch we wanted in our service.
You are an amazing woman, friend and Celebrant and we are lucky to have been able to have you as the person that united us officially as one.
Thank you for everything Nicole xx
Private Residence