10th October 2015

“Nicole, you are amazing!
Not only a professional and organised Celebrant, full of Wedding Day advice and helpful planning tips, but also a wonderful and supportive person that definitely kept this crazy Bride calm on the big day!
We are both so glad you were our Celebrant for our Wedding Day,
you did such an amazing job that summed up us as a couple perfectly.
We loved our day and we are so grateful for the very important part you played!
Our Ceremony was fun, light-hearted and exactly what we wanted for our day.
It was the perfect length and really summed us up as a couple.
We loved that we could include all the special people in our lives in some way.
Our guests all thought it was very personalised and loved that we lit the candle for my Father.
They also thought you were dressed lovely –
and I really appreciate how amazing you presented yourself too! Such style lady 😉
Thanks lovely lady xx”
Truffleduck at Balmoral Receptions

Image by Stefani Driscoll
Image by Stefani Driscoll