Funeral Service

If you are looking at this page of my website – please accept my heart-felt comfort as you manage this loss. I sincerely appreciate your time and energy in dedicating yourself to finding the most appropriate Celebrant to help support you during this time, whilst representing you, your family and most importantly – your loved one.

Funerals to me, are more important than Weddings – you didn’t book in this event in your life, you didn’t plan this celebration, you most likely didn’t expect this day to come, or at least – dreaded the day it would. That’s why, I vow, to support and encourage my families – to do their funeral – their way!

Did Grandma love her rose garden and spend hours a day doting over her blooms – then let’s have the funeral service in her garden.
Did your son dedicate every waking hour to your local footy club and never did a weekend go by where he wasn’t kicking the footy with his mates – then let’s have the funeral service at your local footy club rooms.
Did you Mother love the beach and take her dogs for walks along the sand every chance she got, rain, hail or shine – then let’s have the funeral service on the beach!

You can do this – you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT for a funeral – did you know that?

The only external support you need, other than your Celebrant to create, manage, lead and deliver the service – is the funeral home to look after your loved one until we need them present at their service. (Or they don’t have to be present – that is up to you/and or their wishes.)

Did you know there is no time frame to when you “must” hold the funeral service? If you have family or friends that are unable to attend next Thursday at 11am – then don’t have the funeral then. You can wait. You can have the funeral in 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or more…. as long as your loved one is being looked after my the funeral home, you can wait and have the service whenever you want.

I am so, so, so, passionate about supporting my families and being their advocate – to serve them and give them the best possible send off they could hope for, during a time they hoped would never come.

Please reach out to me for all my information on the funeral services I offer, including the funeral planning I can help you with too if you wish –

I would be honoured to represent you and your family and plan and deliver your loved ones funeral service THEIR WAY!