“I proudly support Marriage Equality”

Last week I attended a seminar at Deakin University in Waurn Ponds for Marriage Equality in Geelong. The speakers at this event gave me an insight into what we can do, as the “little people” to make those in power know how we feel – and that we are not going away – and that we demand this injustice be abolished and same-sex marriage be legalised NOW.

I knew this was a topic that I believed in, I knew this was a basic human right, I knew that if I can marry my soul mate – why can’t ANYONE ELSE!!!!
I also knew as a Civil Celebrant, every time I say the Monitum which explains the Marriage Act under Australian Law that I feel daggers, I feel hearts break.
But when I add to the end of it, “However, our Bride and Groom wish to recognise those who are still denied the civil right of wedded union, and forbidden the social and legal benefits of Marriage. They look forward to the day when all adults are free to unite in lawful commitment, when Marriage is based on love, not gender.” …. often I will get CHEERS from the guests followed by a supportive applause in agreeance!!!!

SO….I now have set myself a mission. To do what ever I can, in my role as a Celebrant and as a human being – to not give up on the pursuit for Marriage Equality and keep this issue at the forefront of those minds who are willing to listen – to make a difference, to stand for change and have Marriage Equality legalised.

For all those that love – they should be able to marry the one they love.

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“Christmas Season = Wedding Season”

So it is Christmas, and what have you done?

Christmas season, festive season, the silly season, in the eyes of a Celebrant also equate to WEDDING SEASON!

A time of year when “normal” people celebrate the joy of giving and share weekends with their loved ones, work Christmas parties and count down til the man in red climbs down the chimney!
But for us Celebrants, we are counting down ’til Winter!!!!

This is our busiest time of year – school teachers get married in December and enjoy their school holidays while honeymooning in Tahiti and Bora Bora. Everyone wants to get married in Summer, when (apparently no one told Mother Nature as we are yet to see proof of this) the weekends are warm, the sun is shining and everyone is in happy spirits celebrating nuptials with a glass of bubbles in their hand.

Christmas and Weddings also have a few more things in common –                                         FAMILY, FRIENDS, LOVE & TRADITION.
I love Christmas when I get to see my family, just purely enjoying being in their presence, with usually an obscene amount of food surrounding us, torn wrapping paper on the floor and kids running around on a sugar high, while parents try sneak in an afternoon siesta. (Yes Hubby, I am referring to YOU!)

But what I find so interesting is that every weekend, when hundreds and thousands of couples get married, little do they know it, but they get a little bit of that Christmas spirit bundled up in their very own Wedding Day!

Family marvel in the love between the Bride & Groom, friends celebrate and reminisce over stories of old, traditions are kept alive by the cutting of the cake, Bridal Waltz, Father/Daughter dance, signing the guest book and finally the circle farewell.

The spirit of Christmas can be found every Friday, Saturday or Sunday (even Monday – Thursday too sometimes!) in gardens, venues, private properties, Churches and backyards, all over the world. And I get to be a part of this joy!!!

The magic of a family, the love between soul mates, the traditions that we remember as kids and carry into our adult years can be found world-wide in every Community on the same day every year – Christmas Day. But I am thrilled to have found snippets of this in every Wedding I do too!

So for anyone reading this, enjoy the festive season, but try to find that joyous spirit in the everyday. Dinner with your kids, a walk with your dog, an hour long phone call with your BFF from Primary School – be grateful for the small blessings in your life and share the large ones if you can!

I’m thankful with every Wedding that I do, that I have been chosen to be a part of something extra special – and I am thankful every Christmas for my small beautiful Family and the very best of friends, that I was chosen to live this life – be a Mother, be a Wife, a Daughter, a best friend, a Celebrant.

Thank you to all my Family and friends for your love and support of me, always.
And thank you to my Brides and Grooms, and their loved ones – for including me in your memories.

Merry Christmas, Nicole. xxx


“Wedding Season = Cold+Flu Season”

To all my beautiful Brides and charming Grooms!

This is your Celebrant/Mother talking – please look after yourselves this Wedding Season.

Time and time again I see my poor couples working so hard leading up to their BIG DAY,
not just in the planning and organising – but in their normal working lives as well.
Be it their 9-5, their house renovation, their full-time studies, or baking a bun in the oven –
my couples are SO BUSY they can easily forget to put themselves first, BEFORE their Wedding Day, that they run themselves sick and are not in a good place health wise, leading up to W Day!

It’s hard enough with the nerves, balancing the budget, making sure the dress zips up – to add a cold, a flu, tonsillitis, or a migraine to the list – that is no one’s idea of fun leading up to their Wedding Day.

So try to have faith in your suppliers – the professionals you have PAID TO DO THEIR JOB, and know that all your hard work over the last 18, 12, 6 months will pay off and you can rest and take peace in knowing WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING – all you have to be is:


Rest up, eat well, stay healthy, drink lots of water, take vitamin C tablets, sleep …. or consult your Doctor not your Celebrant on actual Medical advice – but please look after YOURSELF.

Your Wedding Day will be the best day of your life, with the love of your life – you don’t want to be under-the-weather on your Wedding Day, when all you no doubt will be worried about, is what the weather is actually doing itself that day. (One other thing I urge you not to worry about! But that’s clearly a totally other blog post for another day!)

Image by Tania Fernandes PhotographyI wish all Brides and Grooms, mine and others –
a beautiful, love filled Wedding Season.

And remember – “may the love in your life, create a life to love.”
Love Nicole. xxx
Image by Tania Fernandes Photography


“The importance of CEREMONY”

What is a ceremony???

Google tells us a Ceremony is a formal religious or public occasion, especially one celebrating a particular event, achievement, or anniversary and the ritual observances and procedures required or performed at grand and formal occasions.

But in Australia – what rituals or symbolic gestures do we use in our Wedding Ceremonies to highlight the importance of such a grand, formal occasion?

I had the pleasure of conducting a Wedding Ceremony on the weekend which involved an ancient Chinese Tea Ceremony – where the Bride and Groom paid tribute and shared respect to their Parents in thanking them for raising and caring for them their whole lives – until this pivotal, momentous life event.

It was beautiful, even filled with a few laughs – but the ceremonial importance of what it symbolised – moved me. I was touched and also sad at the same time – that Australian Wedding Ceremonies don’t have such customs or traditions.

We all know the “ritual” Australian’s enjoy at the Wedding Reception, and yes, I enjoy a glass of bubbles or two myself of course – but in the Wedding Ceremony, I would LOVE to see…Australian Ceremony customs or rituals! Real Ceremony, not just the words us Celebrants have to say, or the vows the couple share together.

Yes there are Sand Ceremonies, Love Lock Ceremonies, Hand Fasting Ceremonies, Dove Releases, Butterfly Releases….but which of these if any is a true Australian Wedding Ceremony tradition???

That I would LOVE to see, if I knew WHAT that was, that is!



“Introducing my new “BABY”!!!”

Hello everyone!

Well here is my new BABY! My new Website – that feels like it has been years in the making – which my very patient Website Designer would undoubtedly agree!
Over the 7 years of being a Celebrant, I have received many lovely compliments on my original (albeit completely outdated!) Website, which I was very appreciative of – but it was time for a face lift!
I hope you all enjoy my new website, can follow me on my journey via my new Gallery, Testimonials and via this BLOG.
Thank you to all my loyal followers, past Brides and Grooms, Parents of babies I have done Naming Day Ceremonies for, fellow Wedding suppliers – and my family and friends. Your support is greatly appreciated and I thank you for your encouragement and guidance always.

Nicole 06
Image by Tania Fernandes Photography

ENJOY and remember – “may the love in your life create a life to love.”
Nicole xxx