“The importance of CEREMONY”

What is a ceremony???

Google tells us a Ceremony is a formal religious or public occasion, especially one celebrating a particular event, achievement, or anniversary and the ritual observances and procedures required or performed at grand and formal occasions.

But in Australia – what rituals or symbolic gestures do we use in our Wedding Ceremonies to highlight the importance of such a grand, formal occasion?

I had the pleasure of conducting a Wedding Ceremony on the weekend which involved an ancient Chinese Tea Ceremony – where the Bride and Groom paid tribute and shared respect to their Parents in thanking them for raising and caring for them their whole lives – until this pivotal, momentous life event.

It was beautiful, even filled with a few laughs – but the ceremonial importance of what it symbolised – moved me. I was touched and also sad at the same time – that Australian Wedding Ceremonies don’t have such customs or traditions.

We all know the “ritual” Australian’s enjoy at the Wedding Reception, and yes, I enjoy a glass of bubbles or two myself of course – but in the Wedding Ceremony, I would LOVE to see…Australian Ceremony customs or rituals! Real Ceremony, not just the words us Celebrants have to say, or the vows the couple share together.

Yes there are Sand Ceremonies, Love Lock Ceremonies, Hand Fasting Ceremonies, Dove Releases, Butterfly Releases….but which of these if any is a true Australian Wedding Ceremony tradition???

That I would LOVE to see, if I knew WHAT that was, that is!



“Introducing my new “BABY”!!!”

Hello everyone!

Well here is my new BABY! My new Website – that feels like it has been years in the making – which my very patient Website Designer would undoubtedly agree!
Over the 7 years of being a Celebrant, I have received many lovely compliments on my original (albeit completely outdated!) Website, which I was very appreciative of – but it was time for a face lift!
I hope you all enjoy my new website, can follow me on my journey via my new Gallery, Testimonials and via this BLOG.
Thank you to all my loyal followers, past Brides and Grooms, Parents of babies I have done Naming Day Ceremonies for, fellow Wedding suppliers – and my family and friends. Your support is greatly appreciated and I thank you for your encouragement and guidance always.

Nicole 06
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ENJOY and remember – “may the love in your life create a life to love.”
Nicole xxx